CPC Training


The European Parliament introduced compulsory training for LGV and HGV drivers known as Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) as from 10 September 2009.

Effects of new Regulations

Existing LGV and HGV drivers receive ‘grandfather rights’ until 9 September 2014, but in order to continue driving after that date, they must have completed 35 hours of ‘accredited’ training from an approved training organisation by September 2014. Such training consists of five days, each of seven hours that can be carried out either in one block of 35 hours over five consecutive days, or by completing one such training day per year, or by any other combination that ensures the driver undertakes the required number of hours training within the five year period.  On completion of the 35 hours of accredited training drivers will receive a Driver Qualification Card from the Driving Standards Agency.

New drivers who take their LGV and HGV driving test from 10 September 2009 will also sit an initial Driver CPC course as part of the licence and, having passed their test, they will receive their licence and a Driver Qualification Card.  They will then need to undertake the Driver CPC training over the five year period, starting from the date they initially passed, to maintain their Driver CPC qualification. 

Once the Driver Qualification Card is issued, the driver must carry it whenever he/she is driving an LGV or HGV.

FPS Approved Courses

FPS is already operating courses throughout the country at individual company venues approved by FPS. At the moment, these benefit larger operators with multiple numbers of drivers, but regional courses to benefit all, will be offered at venues across the country.


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